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To open a new chapter in one’s life requires nothing less than being unafraid of the enormous. This thought burst into my consciousness as I contemplated times when my situation had caused me to take on a new challenge. Perhaps it is the guardianship of my people, my nuclear family. Or, at other times, to serve as a warrior for the communities I am fortunate to uphold in the images I create as a fine art and humanitarian photographer.

The majesty of Kenya, of the African continent with its diverse beauty, had me reckoning with nature when I last visited. As the sun set on this Massai warrior making his way across the wide-open plain, otherworldly rays of light cascaded over Mount Kilimanjaro. An Acacia tree and the lone warrior were cast into silhouette and clouds became ragged-edge strips of contrasting illumination and shadow that created the illusion the sky was being torn apart.

I wondered about the solitary warrior’s awareness. Was he mindful that wild and dangerous animals might be nearby and did that cause him to be fearful for his life, or to trust in his harmonious existence with nature? Did he worry such a beast might devour his precious cattle, upon which he and his community depend for sustenance and income? Or did he find solace and reassurance in knowing all things perish and yet, nature does not? I sat in solitude with these thoughts and instead of forcing myself to provide answers, I rested. Later, I rose from my chair and went about my day, unafraid of the enormous.

Limited Edition


16 x 24 inches (40.64 x 60.96 cm)

24 x 36 inches (60.96 x 91.44 cm)

30 x 45 inches (76.2   x 114.3 cm)


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