Praise for Lisa’s work

“ After seeing Lisa’s photography and the exhibition images, we were touched by the sensitivity of recording the lives of our people. Through Lisa Kristine’s eyes, we see our own beauty.”
~ Her Majesty the Queen Mother of Bhutan, Ashi Tshering Pem Wangchuck

“Lisa Kristine’s images grab the heart. In her images we see dignity. Lisa’s work commands a respectful connection between the viewer and the subject.”
~ Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Nobel Peace Laureate

“Lisa’s images take us behind the veil to respect human dignity for those from every walk of life, upholding the precepts of equality, belonging and purpose.”
~ Sir Richard Branson

” Lisa Kristine’s images are a testament to truth and an insightful and inspiring body of evidence which should never and can never be denied.”
~ David Clarke, FMR Head of Photography, Tate Modern

“Kristine is credible and hard-hitting in her humanitarian work. She does an admirable job of seeming to blend in wherever she goes, thanks to her friendliness and curiosity. But she also demonstrates a steely persistence — the photojournalist’s best weapon.”                                                                                                                                ~ Lisa Tsering, The Hollywood Reporter

“Photographer Lisa Kristine shines her camera lens at the men, women, and even children who work 16 hours a day in brick kilns in India. Lisa risks her safety to uncover a story so appalling, few dare to speak about it.”                                                                                                                                                                                                     ~ Yasmeed Awaja, CNN

“Lisa Kristine’s work is heart touching and it urges us to deepen our resolve and fight for freedom for all.”                                                                                                              ~ Kailash Satyarthi, Nobel Peace Laureate

“Underlying all Lisa’s work is the idea of unity, that we’re all connected in the human family together. You can see that depth of compassion in all her work.”
~ Jeffrey Dean Brown, Oscar Award-Winning Director

“This is the greatest photography I’ve ever seen. Not only is it spectacularly beautiful but there is a humanity in her work that is profound.”
~ Ann Archer,  Actor

“Lisa’s images invite us to drink in the harmonious and mystical beauty of our world.”                                                                                                                                               ~ Cammie Finch, My Modern Met

“This body of work is a resounding declaration of faith in the living spirit of humanity and a reminder that we have the power to change. Let this be a catalyst.”
~ Pat Mitchell, Media Leader, TEDWomen

“Lisa Kristine’s photographs of humanity underscore the beauty and dignity of each person. Unflinching and riveting, they sear into your memory and demand that you pay attention.”
~ Helen Garret, FMR Special Projects Director, Amnesty International

“When people describe photographer Lisa Kristine, two words invariably surface: compassion and humility.”                                                                                                      ~ Marilyn Jones, Christian Science Monitor

“Lisa Kristine is a modern day abolitionist who’s work moves beyond the horrors of slavery to highlight people’s common humanity.”                                                         ~ Terri Lee Freeman, President, National Civil Rights Museum

“Best known for her saturated use of color, Kristine’s striking images aim to ‘identify the universal human dignity in all of us.’ Her powerful shots are designed to resonate and stir compassion.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        ~ Caroline McGuire, The Daily Mail

“As in any profession, there are few individuals who are true masters. Lisa Kristine is one of these individuals who, through her photographs, evokes the deepest of our emotions by transporting us to a different place and time so that at a visceral level we are experiencing what we are seeing. It is this experience of “standing in the shoes of another” that makes us realize that regardless of our differences, fundamentally we are one.”
~ James R. Doty, M.d., Senior Advisor, The Council of the Parliaments of the World’s Religions

“Lisa Kristine is a modern day abolitionist who’s work moves beyond the horrors of slavery to highlight people’s common humanity.”
~ Terri Lee Freeman, President, National Civil Rights Museum

“Lisa Kristine’s powerful photographs stir the soul. ”
~ Clarence G. Newsome, Ph.D. President, National Underground Railroad Freedom Museum

“Lisa is a true humanitarian and visual storyteller who bears witness to the world with innate cultural sensitivity and unparalleled tenderness.”
~ Elizabeth Kapu’uwailani Lindsey, National Geographic Explorer

“Although Lisa Kristine’s photographs display people and places from different places from different corners of the globe, she manages to show us our connectedness. Her stunning images have the power to touch our hearts and help us care about the well being of humanity as a whole.”
~ Victor Chan, Founder, Dalai Lama Center for Peace and Education

“Lisa Kristine’s images are searing, thought provoking, providing a respectful way into the lives of others. A photograph has never gotten into my psyche like that and it’s a testament to the power of Lisa’s work.”
~ Lorna Donaldson, Skoll World Forum

“Lisa’s powerful work is liberating, both to those in slavery and to the rest of us.”
~ Kevin Bales, Lead Author, Global Slavery Index

“Lisa Kristine’s work calls on the international community to once and for all times rise up against the inhumanity of slavery. She has captured the tremendous beauty of the human faces of those enslaved and the ugly results of the deafening silence of the masses of humanity. We must see Lisa’s work and we must hear the cries of the people whose faces she presents to us.”
~ Michael A. Battle, U.S. Ambassador to the African Union 2009-2013

“Lisa’s work permeates myriad layers. Whether unveiling stories of those who become enslaved because of their battle with poverty, or those unable to escape as they are threatened with violence in rice mills, brick factories, gold mines and domestic work – Lisa brings a rare form of compassion with her images. She allows us to see beyond the suffering, and imagine a world without slavery.”
~ Gary Haugen, President & CEO of International Justice Mission

“With compassion you have the courage to go beyond the fear of losing things. Lisa Kristine’s work abandons fear of losing.”
~ Sr. Chan Khong, Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh Plum Village

“Lisa’s work shines a light on human trafficking. She makes us want to become an abolitionist.”
~ Darlene Markovich, President & Executive Director, The Dalai Lama Foundation