Explore the curated selections of extraordinary Lisa Kristine Photographic Artworks below. These inspirational images masterfully harness light and hue; and embody our ephemeral humanistic experience, evoking a world of drama, detail, and wonder.

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This evocative compilation of images illustrates people in relationship with their landscape. The Intimate Expanse collection expresses the great and awe inspiring environment in which people live.


In this photographic collection of humanistic portraits spanning our planet we are introduced to the inseparable, indivisible notion that we are all connected.

This body of images documents the pain of modern day slavery and the hope of freedom, allowing us to bear witness to the most horrible abuses imaginable and the most astonishing glimpses of the indomitable human spirit. Proceeds from these images directly help fight slavery through Free the Slaves.

These works focus on the Maasai, the East African tribe well known as herders and warriors, who once dominated the plains of East Africa.

This image collection reflects the activities inherent in Bhutan’s monastic practice since the 7th century. Proceeds from this body of work benefit the Bhutan Youth Development Fund.


These monochromatic works reflect the timeless beauty of the classic black and white.