I recently had the privilege of presenting at the HPE Discovery Summit in Las Vegas, where I joined HPE COO John Schultz and journalist Daisy McAndrew to discuss a deeply important issue: modern slavery in tech supply chains. It was an honor to share my work and insights with an audience committed to making a difference.

During my keynote presentation and two fireside chats, I showcased powerful images that tell the harrowing stories of individuals trapped in modern slavery. These images are not just photographs; they are windows into the lives of those who endure unimaginable hardships, often hidden within the supply chains of industries we interact with daily.

A Spotlight on Ethical Practices

HPE stands out as one of the few major tech companies rigorously scrutinizing their supply chain for unethical practices. Their commitment to ethical sourcing and ending human trafficking is commendable and serves as a powerful example for others in the industry. It’s heartening to see a company leverage its influence and resources to foster a more just and humane world.

Corporate Responsibility and Decency

The discussions at HPE Discovery highlighted how corporate responsibility and decency can drive significant change. John Schultz emphasized HPE’s unwavering commitment to ensuring their products are free from the taint of forced labor. This dedication is not just about compliance but about setting a high standard for corporate ethics and humanity.

Inspiration and Change

Sharing the stage with leaders like John Schultz and Daisy McAndrew, who are equally passionate about these issues, was incredibly inspiring. It reinforced my belief that change is possible when individuals and corporations unite for a common cause. HPE’s proactive approach serves as a beacon of hope, proving that the tech industry can lead the charge against modern slavery.

A Call to Action

As I shared my photographs and the stories behind them, I hoped to spark a sense of urgency and responsibility in everyone present. We must recognize that each of us has a role to play in combating modern slavery. Whether as consumers, business leaders, or advocates, we can all contribute to creating a world where everyone is free to live and work with dignity.

I am deeply grateful to HPE for their leadership and commitment to ethical practices. Their efforts demonstrate that decency and corporate responsibility are not only compatible but essential for driving meaningful change. Let us all applaud HPE for leading the way and challenge other companies to follow suit.

Thank you for joining me on this journey. Together, we can shine a light on modern slavery and work towards a future where every individual is free.

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