Elevated View

Click here to view this artwork, Peace in Greatness | Thailand, and its currently available sizes. Peace in Greatness | Thailand If we title this image “Elevated View” and decide to take a similar perspective on the world around and within us, assumptions and associations drop. Everyone knows the sudden splendor of our continent, [...]

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Build Your Temple

Click here to view this artwork, Contemplation of Light | Thailand, and its currently available sizes. Contemplation of Light | Thailand Contemplation in organic, natural space provides for me—and likely for this monk in Thailand—a sense of peace. Walks during which I touch a stone or the bark of a tree, hear the leaves crunching beneath [...]

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Illumination’s Glow

Click here to view this artwork, Begging Bowl | Thailand, and its currently available sizes. Begging Bowl | Thailand The reflection of light emanating from the bowl that graces this young boy I find captivatingly sweet. Joy is so easily recognized on his face, despite his lowered chin that means he doesn’t directly gaze into my camera’s [...]

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