Temple Run | Burma The Simpyram Pagoda was built based on principles of astrology and is the center of the world, according to local legend and stories told long ago and even today. Its enormous circular structure is created by seven semi-circular platforms designed with consecutive, flowing, wave-like arches above which are multiple sharp, [...]

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Preserving Trust

4000 Miles | China It took over 2,000 years and countless human lives sacrificed to construct The Great Wall of China that winds across the country’s deserts, grasslands, mountains and plateaus. Unfathomably stretching approximately 6,700 kilometers (4,163 miles) from east to west, the ancient, serpentine structure is like a dragon or snake that slumbers undisturbed [...]

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White Cloth | Morocco The notion of protection is intriguing to me. Consider this image of a woman in a remote village in Morocco: She is covered by a garment that protects her bare skin from exposure to sun or wind or a male gaze, but also hides what is beneath. Is it humility [...]

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Malkia | Kenya When I look at this woman who is a member of Kenya's Maasai tribe, the first thought that hits me is that she has the perfect head. It’s beautiful and I imagine her skull as a vessel, a living sculpture. There’s also another idea; the notion of eternity and the bones [...]

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Give Wing

Stairs | Bhutan These young monks flew down the stairs with abandon during a visit I made to their monastery. Throughout my travels in Bhutan, I was struck by the timelessness of both children and architecture. For millennia, boys and girls have lent exuberance and hopefulness to life and for nearly as long, people have [...]

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Experience Wonder

Rickshaw Wallah | Kolkata Perception is all when we see someone pulling a rickshaw. The Western gaze will often see this man as oppressed, taken advantage of, his poverty attached to a loss of dignity. Instead, he is a proud, skilled, admirable rickshaw wallah. He is a model entrepreneur in one sense of the [...]

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Choosing Alignment

Majesty | Amazon Every element of the Amazonian river leading to the waterfall that is the backdrop in this image is deeply understood by this Shuar warrior. He knows the currents, each stone on the riverbed, the best locations for fishing, the way temperature and volume shift according to the season, and more. He [...]

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One Step Closer

White Faced Beggar | Nepal I made this image in the 1980s and today, in 2023, the language used in the title is worthy of reconsideration. Societal and my ideas on subjectifying and language have certainly evolved, but I remain caught in a peculiar state of questioning. Many people have selected this image in the past [...]

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Act of Grace

Prayer | Bhutan The hands of this monk coming together I see as an act of grace. There is connectivity to the spiritual world and the circularity of devotion that in this case surrounds his very soul and the reverence of gesture. In making this image I take my place as an observer while honoring [...]

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Pearl with Stripes

Stripes | Riff Mountains The small mountain village of Chefchaouen in Morocco was founded in 1471 as a base for the Riffian Berber tribes to launch attacks on the Portuguese. The name translates into “the horn,” a reference to two mountain peaks overlooking the town. Every year, the homes and buildings are painted with new coats [...]

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