On Course

On Course | Myanmar This image of a young monk launched on his skiff, his bowl for receiving alms reflecting sunlight softened by clouds, expresses to me the vastness and durability of hope. We view him from behind and I invite one and all to join in his forward-looking gaze. During these times especially, [...]

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Limbed Ghost

Temple Embrace | BurmaWhen I look at fog, I see it as a shroud that creates mysterious spaces. It can roll over a mountain or, as we see it here, appear to be a veil cast across a forest. Fog is often changing and alive and moving. At moments when it is most dense, it [...]

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Celebrating Our Ancestors

Día de los Muertos | Mexico This image made in Oaxaca celebrates Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) as a meaningful, colorful connection to our ancestors. On this day, the loss of a loved one is dark and painful but also brilliantly enlightened, heralded, and extended into immortality by memory. People who [...]

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