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Shrouded in Beauty

Lanterns |  China While in Yangshuo making images of fishermen who practice their craft on bamboo rafts with the aid of cormorants, I was transfixed by the early morning fog. Shrouded with mystery, the fishermen’s lanterns glowed like beacons and undoubtedly attracted the fish below to rise near the surface. With quiet, gestural arm commands, [...]

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The Body is a Temple

Blue |  India You are looking at a living embodiment of a Hindu god in India. At a young age, this boy made a decision to liberate himself from all material possessions and often, his biological family. He chose instead to dedicate his life to becoming a holy man of India, a sadhu. His purpose [...]

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On the Path, A Homage to Trees

On the Path |  Mandalay I came upon this glorious setting and the two young nuns unexpectedly. They were walking to their place of study, following a simple dirt path they likely took daily. Viewing them in this green enclave, enveloped by lush trees, I recognized and responded to the co-existence of a grand display [...]

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Permanently Ephemeral

Earth's Riches |  Omo Valley In this young, Ethiopian boy’s adornment there is a declaration of “I am.” His beauty is composed in part with the raw materials at hand; a headdress fashioned from slender branches and the leaves of a common tree and face paint made of pigment from a nearby riverbed. His fashion [...]

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The Fresh Air of Freedom

Survivors | Ghana These two, sweet, young boys have been rescued from a fishing village on Lake Volta in Ghana where they were enslaved. In the safe house where I met them, there were two rooms with bunk beds: one for the girls, another for this boy, Abeiku and his young male friends. The atmosphere [...]

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Flowers in the Desert

Black Wrap |  Omo Valley This young girl is a member of four small Arbore tribes in the Southern Omo Valley of Ethiopia. I remember it was early morning and as I looked across the dusty, monochromatic landscape, her black cloth wrap and dress provided stark contrast. Already creating with her clothing a bold counter [...]

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What Do You See?

Flores  |  Oaxaca It was a beautiful morning when I photographed this woman elegantly carrying flowers to market, her poised ability to balance her basket brimming with flowers while clutching an abundance of calla lilies beneath her arm. Everything about her is powerful: her stride, the color of the flowers, the warmth she projects. There [...]

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Amongst the Ancestral Land

Land of the Dine´  |  Navajo Nation It was October 2022 when I wandered with this young man through the Navajo Nation's majestic land to find a place to make his portrait. When we arrived at this particular vista, he stood before a vast area and as the sun set, the light was piercing, stunning. [...]

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The Brilliance of Orange

Ten Thousand Gateways  |  Kyoto A portal suggests arriving at a new place. Windows and corridors are invitations to possibility. In this pathway leading into the Shinto shrine in Kyoto, Japan, there is a sense of passing from the secular to the spiritual world. The arresting umber-orange color of the corridor is like a flame: you [...]

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Living in Full

Naxi Blue | Lijiang The Naxi minority who live in the ancient town of Lijiang in the Yunnan province are easily recognizable. Dressed primarily in white, blue, and black, the women wear tunic-type long dresses, pants, and sturdy, chunky shoes. It is practical fashion; suitable for all kinds of work. Embroidered collars and sleeves and distinctive sheepskin [...]

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