The Geisha, renowned for her impeccable skill in the classical arts, is rare and beautiful. Although her appearance is a symbol of Japan, most Japanese have never seen one. The Geisha was conceived in the 17th century for the entertainment of elite courtesans and their clients. Highly trained in courtly manners, she provides an illusion of seduction and exclusivity to the most powerful Japanese. But she is not a prostitute; her sexuality is entirely private.

Inside this concealed society, political decisions are made, and business negotiations conducted. Through her expertise, the Geisha intricately formulates an environment of luxury and beauty necessary to bear fruit for her client. This service is rendered at an astronomical fee. And since her occupation relies on her discretion, secrecy is vitally important. It is sad to imagine that this living art, known as the Geisha, is a dying one. There are less than 100 left in all of Japan.

Limited Edition of 25

30 x 40 inches (76.2 x 101.6 cm)

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Geisha – Kyoto

Limited Edition


Lisa Kristine Limited Edition Fine Artworks are the perfect way to embrace our world and enhance our surroundings. Lisa Kristine’s Limited Edition Photographs are signed and numbered by the artist. Each artwork can be a stand-alone piece showcased in a home setting or curated in combinations with other pieces that are harmoniously compelling.

In addition, 5% of your Original Artwork purchase directly supports the work of nonprofits such as these organizations dedicated to the betterment of our global family.


  • Original Limited Edition Fine Artwork

  • Photographic Artwork expertly printed on Fine Art Paper at Lisa Kristine Studio

  • Each Artwork is signed and numbered by Lisa Kristine

  • Each Original Artwork is meticulously rolled with museum standards and is accompanied by white gloves

  • Complimentary Shipping in the USA | Shipping World-Wide Available

Now you have the opportunity to bring a Lisa Kristine Original Artwork into your space directly from the comfort of your own home.

Should you have any questions about Lisa Kristine’s Artworks or placement of Artworks in your room or home, we are here to help. We can walk by phone or virtual appointment:

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