One of the greatest stone monuments in Inca architecture was Sacsayhuaman, the Royal House of The Sun. Theses houses were privileged complexes, something like small cities inside the city of Cusco, where the most important god was worshipped the Sun– but where other minor deities were also worshipped. Sacsayhuaman was formed by stone blocks, cleverly placed together, which protected the city of Cusco.
At that time, its huge stone walls amazed the Spanish conquerors who had just arrived, and they called it a Fortress, according to their concept of a city and the military constructions, but for the incas and their unique concept of the world, Sacsayhuaman was much more than that. The bastions, watchtowers, houses, worship sites, storehouses, roads and aqueducts that conformed this exceptional Inca construction are proof of that.

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