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Presented on May 5th, Lisa Kristine speaks about how twenty seven million people are currently trapped as slaves in the modern day slavery complex. Slaves are forced to work in brothels, factories, mines, restaurants, construction sites and in homes. More than half of them are women and children—they are paid nothing and toil under threat of violence, and are unable to walk away. The good news is that the percentage of people enslaved on the planet is the smallest it’s ever been, and it is possible to end slavery in our lifetime.

ENSLAVED documents the lives endured by slaves and celebrates the freedom they never dreamed possible. This exhibition makes a powerful statement about one of the greatest human rights abuses of our time by capturing the experience of a moment lived in slavery, allowing one to peek into the lives of those who are enslaved. What we see are two undeniable truths – the extreme brutality of the situation and the resilience of the human spirit.

From sweltering brick kilns to rickety mine shafts in three countries, acclaimed photographer Lisa Kristine risked her safety and health to photograph the brutality of slavery today. She has created an exhibit that engages awareness and offers specific, doable and effective ways for people to help make sustainable change to eradicate slavery forever.

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