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Interview: Photographer Creates Instant Connection to Cultures From Halfway Across the World

Humanitarian photographer Lisa Kristine doesn’t just take images of the world, she tells stories of change. She documents the most beautiful landscapes that are rarely seen. For more than thirty years, she has showcased portraits of indigenous cultures in more than 100 countries on six continents. Specializing in bringing awareness to significant social causes such as slavery and human trafficking, Kristine’s purpose-driven photographs often donate a percentage of the profits to collaborative organizations, like Free the Slaves.

Along with being significant in the fight against slavery and other horrible abuses, Kristine believes that photography is “the ultimate tool for peacemaking.” To stare into the eyes of a person located halfway across the world is to feel prejudice slip away from your body. There’s an instant connection that is created, not between strangers, but between human beings.

This particular collection is called Intimate Expanse, which refers to the relationship between humans and land. Kristine’s images are visually powerful, alive with colors and texture, and feature landscapes from Ecuador to Myanmar to China to Zanzibar. The images invite us to drink in the harmonious and mystical beauty of our world. Each one tells its own story about how to live within an environment with respect and tenderness. Ultimately, Kristine’s inspiring work reminds us that there really is so much world to see.

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