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We speak to photographer Lisa Kristine whose dangerous work has been raising awareness of modern-day slavery for a decade

This photograph titled ‘Blue Hand’ shows a man enslaved in illegal gold mining in Ghana. “They are forced to spend 48 to 72 hours deep in the mines shafts,” says Lisa Kristine, an American photographer who spent years documenting modern-day slavery around the world. Photos: Lisa Kristine.
Sixty meters underground, Lisa Kristine is enveloped in darkness. It’s hard to breathe. The air is heavy with dust and fumes, and she feels the heat of bodies shuffling around in the shadows. She can hear the sound of tools hitting stone, of men coughing. They are in an illegal mine in Ghana. The men are here to break stone and carry the pieces to the surface in the hope that some of the fragments might contain gold. But, Kristine is here for something else – their photographs.

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