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This article also contains audio of Lisa’s radio interview about the exhibit at the Freedom Center, click the link here to listen.

Humanitarian photographer Lisa Kristine, who specializes in indigenous peoples worldwide, uses her powerful images and intimate portrayals to elevate awareness of social causes such as modern slavery. The United Nations estimates there are approximately 27 to 30 million individuals caught in the slave trade industry today.

In furthering its mission to advance freedom and combat slavery and human trafficking, the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center recently invited Lisa Kristine to Cincinnati to open her exhibit, ENSLAVED: A Visual Story of Modern Day Slavery, which will be on display at the Freedom Center through this August.nik0123

Photographer Lisa Kristine and National Underground Railroad Freedom CenterExecutive Vice President and Provost, Dr. Michael Battle, join us this afternoon to discuss human trafficking and Lisa’s ENSLAVED: A Visual Story of Modern Day Slavery exhibit.

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