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The Simpyram Pagoda was built based on principles of astrology and is the center of the world, according to local legend and stories told long ago and even today. Its enormous circular structure is created by seven semi-circular platforms designed with consecutive, flowing, wave-like arches above which are multiple sharp, vertical gables pointing skyward.

When I visited this layered architectural cream cake that so improbably makes hard materials soften into rivers of fluidity, these young monks leaping brought such joy. I was reminded of games from my youth, where, in the woods near my home I sprang from rock to fallen tree trunk or leapt across stones in a stream or creek.

Looking at this image years later, I experience that same inner exuberance, but also find the years lived since that first sighting to have deepened my perspective. I think about not just the thrill of my body defying gravity, but the idea of motion. I believe there is a place for movement and an equally significant place for stillness. Both have their meditative qualities and provide the potential for arriving in a new destination. The idea is energizing and tomorrow, I will rest and I will leap, destinations unknown but eagerly sought.

Limited Edition


18 x 24 inches (45.72 x 60.96 cm)

24 x 32 inches (60.96 x  81.28 cm)

30 x 40 inches (76.2   x  101.6 cm)


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