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An American photographer who has travelled to more than 100 countries on six continents has revealed a incredible back catalogue of pictures that showcase indigenous cultures in harmony with their natural environment.

Lisa Kristine’s latest collection, titled Intimate Expanse, examines the complex and different relationships between humans and the land which they live off, across the world.

The breath-taking pictures document awe-inspiring settings everywhere from Fez and Tanzania, to China and Timbuktu.
Candid moments of men and women working in the rice fields of Vietnam and the salt mines of the Andes have been captured in vibrant and tender detail.

Best known for her saturated use of colour, Kristine’s striking images aim to ‘identify the universal human dignity in all of us.’ Her powerful shots are designed to resonate and stir compassion.

The humanitarian photographer’s pictures highlight social causes including human trafficking, but not just through visual aid – the proceeds from the sales of her work often goes to organisations such as Free the Slaves.

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