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One Breath – Standard Edition

In Lisa Kristine's photographic book of humanistic portraits spanning our planet, One Breath introduces us to the inseparable, indivisible notion that we are all connected. With a foreword by National Geographic Fellow Explorer, Elizabeth Lindsey, PHD, and a collection of moving images, One Breath, illustrates the universality of the human experience. No matter what [...]

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The Intimate Expanse – Standard Edition

In the compelling and evocative compilation of images illustrating people in their landscape, Lisa Kristine's newest book, the Intimate Expanse expresses the great and awe inspiring environment in which people live. At once a celebration of wonderful diversity, The Intimate Expanse invites you, page by page, on a boundless journey of discovery that is [...]

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A Human Thread

Unique in it's vision, A Human Thread explores an intimate and honest portrait of humanity, documenting intimate lives and preserving moments of intense emotion and dignity. This beautifully compiled monograph contains a volume of images spanning our world. With a forward by Tony Balis,founder and president of the Humanity Initiatives, the book offers a [...]

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