One Breath

Collector's Deluxe Book & Artwork Set


Choose your Artwork from below selection:

Keepers of Flame

Los Ninos

These Tusks

Tiger’s Guardian

Own an original artwork by world-renowned photographer and humanitarian Lisa Kristine. 

This is your opportunity to select a signed piece of artwork to accompany your Collector’s Deluxe Edition Book. 

The Collector’s Deluxe Book & Artwork Set includes:

  • An 11×14” signed photograph. Choose one from the selection below.
  • Signed and numbered edition book encased in linen clamshell box with embossed image and title
  • Custom certificate of authenticity on a velum bound page

In Lisa Kristine’s photographic book of humanistic portraits spanning our planet, One Breath introduces us to the inseparable, indivisible notion that we are all connected. With a foreword by National Geographic Fellow Explorer, Elizabeth Lindsey, PHD, and a collection of moving images, One Breath, illustrates the universality of the human experience. No matter what ethnicity, nationality or belief we partake in the miracle of birth, the adventure of life, and the mystery of death. One Breath takes us on a journey around the world inspiring unity image by image.

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