INTIMATE EXPANSE | Landscape Artworks
From Humanitarian Photographer and Fine Artist Lisa Kristine

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I have learned so much about life through other’s examples of living. The gift of seeing our world from different perspectives shows me there are so many ways to be alive. It reminds me there is abundant possibility.

“I invite you to experience a world of wonder.

-Lisa Kristine

I have learned so much about life through examples of living. The gift of seeing our world from different perspectives shows me there are so many ways to be alive. It reminds me there is abundant possibility.

“I invite you to experience a world of wonder
Through the window of someone else’s”

-Lisa Kristine

“The people I am fortunate enough to photograph are not my subjects, they are my mentors.”

As a child, Lisa used to sit in front of her mother’s bookshelves full of anthropology books. She would marvel at the people in those pages who were so covered in earth and feathers, that they resembled the earth itself.

Covered in mud.

They appeared unshakable.

They were people living WITH the earth, not on it.

Lisa Kristine declared when she was younger that she would find these people.

And as a result, delivering on that declaration, she has brought us the Intimate Expanse.

Experience images that sweep you intimately into the worlds of the subjects, and become captivated by the breathtaking expanses they experience in their everyday lives.

Lisa Kristine Portrait

Experience Possibility

Person standing on a boat

Art is a teacher. We don’t always know what lies ahead in our journey.

But when we take a moment to be curious , we allow for the mystery of the path light the way…

Intimate Expanse is a canvas of possibility

Experience Wonder

Through seeing we learn about possibility and creativity.

To wonder is to begin to understand. Different perspectives deepen and inspire us.

Intimate Expanse is an array of wonder

Experience Reverence

I have learned there are 1,000 ways to be alive.

Respect and value for our planet, and those living upon it, is what Lisa’s work thrives on.

Intimate Expanse is a display of reverence

Experience…the Intimate Expanse

“It’s a magnificent feeling to be invited into another person’s private world, to witness their history and the inner working of what makes them who they are. My work thrives on this intimate connection.”

– Lisa Kristine

What was the inspiration behind the Intimate Expanse?

A far away, foreign place can seem uncomfortable and unfamiliar at first glance, but some of the most profound things I’ve learned about how to be human I’ve learned far away lands, with people who are as close to the earth as they are to each other

We may discover that within the great landscapes of our planet, that we are all connected.

There’s intimacy in connection — a familiarity that two people, seemingly unconnected, living worlds apart, share.

A connection shared over an expanse. This expansiveness creates possibility.

It fills my heart with possibility, and I hope your experience is the same.

How has the Intimate Expanse changed Lisa?

In our day to day modern world, we inundated with information and starved for wisdom.

Indigenous wisdom teaches us to live in connection and harmony with the earth and to respect and revere one’s surroundings; to embrace the freedom to create our own lives.

The individuals I photograph, they are my teachers of indigenous wisdom. I am the student.

From them, I have learned that there are 1,000 ways to be alive.

The Intimate Expanse collection celebrates the captivating landscapes of our planet that hosts and connects us all, inviting us to step into the natural beauty of our world, enhancing our senses and leaving us in awe.


My name is Lisa Kristine.

I’m a humanitarian fine art photographer from San Francisco. For over 30 years I’ve been photographing humanity in more than 150 countries on six continents. My work navigates the emotional landscape of my subjects and their environments while driving awareness around such causes as slavery, indigenous wisdom and unity.

My career as a fine artist is deeply meaningful to me. I hope you will share in the inspiration and celebration of our world through my work.

“Within an Intimate Expanse, there is no arriving — only being. – Lisa Kristine

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